Satu Uusiautti, Ed.D., Post doc researcher, Faculty of Education, University of Lapland. My personal research interests are in qualitative methods, positive psychology, love-based strategies for enhancing happy work communities, and success and well-being at work and in life. The most recent publications are the following: Uusiautti, S. & Määttä, K. (2011, accepted). Love for work: the most satisfying emotion. Global Journal of Human Social Sciences; Uusiautti, S. & Määttä, K. (2011, accepted). The Ability to Love – A Virtue-based Approach. British Journal of Educational Research; Uusiautti, S. & Määttä, K. (2010). What kind of employees become awarded as Employees of the Year in Finland? Enterprise and Work Innovation Studies, 6, 53-73; 27.Uusiautti, S. & Määttä, K. (2010, accepted) The Successful Combination of Work and Family in Finland: The Ability to Compromise as a Key Factor. Journal of Comparative Family Studies